Our mission is to take photos that generate more reservations and higher income for our partner hotels.

Guests make decisions based on their emotions, therefore a well-shot photo is enough for them to make a reservation. Our photos mean a higher click-through rate, resulting in lower advertisement costs. Our photos show the best of the hotels, thus the satisfaction of the guests is guaranteed.
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1. More reservations

We pay particular attention to keeping our photos not only aesthetically appealing, but also to ensure that they convey all the messages that are essential to the hotel's marketing objectives. Sales are largely dependent on the photos, where guests make their choices on the basis of the pictures.

For the vast majority of guests, the choice of hotel is not rational but emotional, and a well-taken photo is enough for them to make a reservation. They are much keener to trust a hotel where they are offered an accurate picture of the rooms and the hotel services.
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2. Photos showing the best of the hotel

Nothing is more important than guest satisfaction, therefore we aim to deliver photos that will not mislead them. Our photos present the best of the hotel, but without giving a false impression of it.

If guests are given exactly what they have expected, they are more apt to return to the hotel later and even more inclined to refer it to friends.
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3. Higher advertisement efficiency

The first impression of a hotel depends on how it is represented in the photos. Our photos lead to a higher click-through rate, which does not only mean more reservations, but also lower advertising costs for the hotel.

4. Competitive edge

Since the pandemic started, there is a certain reluctance to travel, and the correspondingly lower number of guests is intensifying the competition among hotels. The photos we take are based on a well thought-out strategy, thus they mean a competitive advantage in the race for bookings.
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5. One-off fee for complex services – Let us arrange everything!

We aim to make our customers’ life easier, so as an integer part of our service, we offer to take care of all the photography arrangements. Our prices cover all costs, therefore once you have placed the order, all you need to do is to provide the venue.

Considering that restrictions regarding the coronavirus pandemic are continuously changing, plenty of time and effort can be saved on your side if we offer to take 100% of the burden of arranging our transport.

One thing is certain: we will arrive at the prearranged time to be able to take the best photos of your hotel.


6. We are passionate about our work

We are grateful that we have had the opportunity to work in several parts of the world in recent years thanks to the trust of our customers. We have photographed in Bali, Singapore, Japan, Australia, the USA, the Canary Islands, Cyprus, and other European countries. Photography is a flow experience for us.

When we are not assigned any tasks, we are working on our own projects. We have been building our own photography school since 2017, where we teach photography with practice-oriented methods. As a forerunner of this, we launched our thematic YouTube channel as well in 2016. By today our professional contents are followed by more than 25 000 subscribers week by week. If you want to see how we work, check out our videos.
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