Behind The Scenes videos of our photoshoots

Crowne Plaza - IHG Group

We were shooting the Crowne Plaza hotel, which was redeveloped from a Hilton hotel on the side of Westend Plaza in Budapest, for 6 days. In this video, we captured the Club Lounge areas on the 7th floor with a panoramic view of the surrounding city. It was therefore particularly important to photograph the spaces in such a way that the views could be appreciated with the interior..

Published: 6 Jan 2022.

Csigaterv Építész Stúdió

As an exception, we did not shoot a hotel, but a house in the Lake Forest residence complex in Mogyoród, where a number of plots have access to water. We photographed for the architect, which required a radically different concept than in the case of photographing a hotel. The priority was more on the exterior than the interior. This is the most relevant for an architect/designer.

Published: 14 Oct 2021.

Spa Residence Carbona

A photo should not only be an aesthetic one, but it also needs to include all the information that is of importance to the hotel. The lights may be beautiful, the compositions sophisticated, the colours vibrant, yet if the picture doesn't deliver the information you are looking for, it's worthless. We captured the recently refurbished apartments and the main building of Carbona Hotel.

Published: 9 Sept 2021.

D9 Cottage

We have shot interior and exterior photos of a recently refurbished rustic farmhouse in Csesznek, in the Bakony. We also especially enjoy tackling smaller, more intimate projects, where we aren't meant to present an entire hotel, but rather the finest aspects of a small, homely guesthouse.

Published: 17 Aug 2021.

Aislamiento – The luxury cabin

Our clients are a young couple who had been designing and building the house for 2 years to be an exclusively furnished guest house, a 2-person retreat for adults. All images were taken in a way that conveyed the true character of the venue, the spacious terrace with its ever-panoramic views, the serene environment, and the close-to-nature interiors.

Published: 20 Nov 2020.

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Stained glass in the interior

We were commissioned for unique interior shootings by Emese Rákosy, a glass artist. Her artwork was photographed in an abandoned industrial room of an old ballroom. During the photoshoot, we were also joined by an interior designer who was a major help with the staging. It was a break from our usual assignments, yet we thoroughly enjoyed the project.

Published: 27 Dec 2019

Hotel IBIS - Citywest

We have photographed the recently reopened hotel of IBIS (Accor Hotels), not only from the ground, but also from the air by drone. Despite the cold weather, we only delivered two aerial exposures, so we will be taking more exterior shots in the summertime. The hotel features lots of colourful entourage, in line with the IBIS hotels concept of using lots of colours.

Published: 29 Dec 2018.