Our team in a nutshell

Greg Jancso - Lead Photographer

Greg was lucky enough to discover his passion at the young age of 15. Since then, he's been refining his techniques to take photos that catch eyes and captivates viewers.

He says taking photos is easy. The real art is conceptualizing a vision that takes it from 'just another photo' to a picture that tells a story and encapsulates a brand's story.

By combining his talent and entrepreneurial savviness, he now takes stunning photos for hundreds of clients all over the globe!

Dora Arvai - Retoucher

Dora is a top-notch retoucher with a passion for coffee. She says the scent of the beans never ceases to inspire her (the buzz of caffeine probably helps as well!)

Pixels become visual perfection in her hands. She takes an already phenomenal photo and transforms it into something even more awe-inspiring.

On top of that, she brings a sense of calmness and order to the team with meditation and yoga!

Bence Komenda - Assistant

For a photo to look its best, the contents of the picture need to be perfect.. And that's where Bence comes in!

He's always working himself to the bone to keep the photoshoot organized and in tip-top shape (he's always shifting furniture, removing creases from linen, and a whole other host of tasks to ensure the set looks incredible!)

We don't know where we'd be without Bence's unwavering tenacity for perfection!

Clients include

Intercontinental Hotels
Agoda International

Hacienda Villas Bali
Aria Hotel Budapest
Budapest Airport
Accor Hotels Group
CC Real GmbH
​Metropole The Crest Collection

Padma Resort Ubud
When we're not on a shoot, we're busy building our photography school, and passing knowledge down to the new and upcoming talent. We're training hundreds of new photographers, and our dedicated YouTube channel has amassed a following of 26,000+ photography enthusiasts!


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