About Greg

I am international photographer based in Hungary, specializing in all aspects of photography in the hospitality and architectural products industry working worldwide.

Since the age of 15, I have committed myself to photography, my true passion and natural gift. I have found success in following my dreams and turning a dedicated hobby into a rewarding profession that has taken me around world and enabled to capture a broad range of international architectural wonders. From the luxury villas of Bali, to the pristine skyscrapers of Singapore and Los Angeles; from the abstract lines of Tokyo, to the grand hotels of the Canaries.

I am devoted to crafting expressive photos for my clients, ranging from hotels to interior design and architecture. I pay particular attention to the importance of captivating the viewers eye while simultaneously communicating the complex messages significant to the client’s marketing objectives and organizational needs.

Taking a photo is easy. Conceptualizing a vision, finding and developing the setting, and capturing an image that complements the campaign narrative and further strengthens the organization’s ‘Brands Story’ is something that requires a true professional. This is where my photography comes in​.

Clients include

Intercontinental Hotels
Agoda International
Hacienda Villas Bali
Aria Hotel Budapest
Budapest Airport
Accor Hotels Group
CC Real GmbH
​Metropole The Crest Collection
Padma Resort Ubud
In between assignments, I am expanding my personal projects. I have built my own school of photography, providing practice-focused training for participants. As the forerunner of the school, my thematic YouTube channel was initialed in 2016. The professionally driven content has been followed by 18 000+ subscribers. As an entrepreneur, I understand clearly the level of commitment, engagement and responsibility required to manage a successful art based company. During the previous few years, I have been contracted to work on dynamic projects and take photos of amazing spaces, always leaving my clients satisfied and eager work with me again. For more information on past projects or to see what I can do for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out my portfolio, referrals, or any other additional information.